Charity, Unity, Fraternity & Patriotism

The Kilmer Chronicles

                     October 2018 

    Joyce Kilmer Council 2483   

              Knights of Columbus                 

Hackettstown, NJ  

                 Chartered June 1923

FROM THE CHAPLAIN'S DESK: Dear Brother Knights! In the last letter to the Chaplains, the Supreme Knight encouraged all as we go through the Clergy-Abuse scandal that we have an important role to play in rebuilding the church. All the bishops are involved in all kinds of ways reaching out, unifying people in prayer and other devotional pieties. Caring for the victims remains a huge priority as Church continues to ‘listening to the cry of the poor’.
I take this opportunity to thank you for your active role in the Parish Festival. This is one of the concrete ways we rebuild the church. As we strive to refine our attempts to rebuild and restore our Catholic Ideals and Identities, I call upon all those registered Knights to take active part in the life of the parish. I urge you to take this invitation seriously as your vocation as Knights is precious in the eyes of the Church.

Sincerely, Fr. Antony

GRAND KNIGHT'S MESSAGE:  I thank our Chaplain for his message this month and look forward to it each month.  I also join him in thanking our Brother Knights for their participation in the Parish Festival.  If you are a member of the parish and have not yet become a part of one of the many committees, give it some serious thoughtOur next project is to lend a hand with our "Round Table" parish, St. Theodore's.  There is some work to be done in the parish center prior to the 13th of October.  Contact DGK Bob Marks at if you can lend a hand.  Also looking for some Fund Raising ideas from you to help us build up the treasury.  Please contact me with your ideas Let's continue to pray for the victims of Hurricane Florence and especially for victims of abuse.  Finally, have you asked someone to become a Knight today?  Fraternally, GK Keith Hollman.

OCTOBER 2018 HONORS & ANNIVERSARIES: Please join me in congratulating the following brothers on attaining significant service milestones in October: 10 Years - Mark Cole, James Ferrara and Keith O’Hara, 15 Years - Anthony Callaremi, Keith Hollman and Patrick Sullivan, 30 Years - Christopher Biamonte and Rev David Pekola, 35 Years - Richard Burke. Also in October James Brady became an Honorary Life and Robert Frail a Life member of the Order.

10/1 Stephen Beggin          10/8 William Lucatorto         10/18 Jay Woodruff
10/1 James Brady              10/8 Louis Williams               10/19 John Holder
10/1 John DiLillo                10/9 Ryan Scheilfer               10/20 Eugene DeGeorge
10/2 Timothy Segada        10/10 Anthony Michniewicz  10/23 Joseph Magdaleno
10/3 Walter Horzepa          10/13 Edward Basel              10/23 John McHugh
10/4 Joseph Wilson, Jr       10/15 David Burns                10/24 Thomas Bordi
10/5 Rocco Delellis            10/15 Michael Watterston    10/25 Joseph Clarke
10/6 Rocco Digregorio       10/16 Michael Warcholik      10/29 Robert Frail
10/7 Joseph Castellano     10/17 Francis Whalen           10/29 Keith Hollman
10/8 Francis Kenny            10/18 Jon Paul Ward

HAVE YOU ASKED SOMEONE JOIN US TODAY? :  NEW “Ask me about the Knights,” buttons have been made to help promote our Council. If you have not gotten one, please stop by the Hall to get yours. Better yet, come to our next monthly meeting! We all need to help in building our Council and hopefully wearing these buttons to Mass or other activities will prompt someone to ask how to join. Appreciate all your help!.  Steve Fantano - Membership Director.

FOOD FOR THE SOUL: October 19 - there will be a Holy Hour of Prayer and Adoration at the Church of the Assumption from 6:00PM to 7:00PM.  This service will be held on the 3rd Friday of each month.  Let's get together and pray as a community.

ANNUAL COLUMBUS CLUB FALL GOLF OUTING - This years tourney will be held on October 13 2018 at the Shawnee Resorts and Country Club in Shawnee on the Delaware, PA.  Along with that comes the clam bake following at the Columbus Club Hall starting at 3:30PM.  Prices are: $70 golf only; $100 for golf & clam bake; $125 for golf, clam bake & bringing a guest; $40 Clam bake only.  For more information and sign-up contact Roger Hines at or 908-310-3354.  Sign up sheet will be at the Columbus Club Hall as well.

ROLL BACK FRIDAY HAPPY HOUR: Beginning on Friday 10/05/18 from 4PM to 8PM all beers will be $2.00 EXCEPT DRAFT.  Looking forward to seeing you there.  Remember "i" before "e" except in Budweiser .. Professor Irwin Corey

FATHER MCGIVNEY GUILD: dedicated to keeping us informed of the progress of our Venerable founder.  Brothers should consider joining the guild.  There is no fee or dues of any kind.  Simply sign up at  and you will receive the quarterly newsletter.

HALL FOR RENT:  Having a shower, birthday or a business meeting.  The Columbus Club is available.  Contact Joe Yapaola at 908-246-1962.

October 20, 8PM to 11PM
$5.00 Cover

Visit for more information