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The Kilmer Chronicles

                     June  2019 

    Joyce Kilmer Council 2483   

              Knights of Columbus                 

Hackettstown, NJ  

                 Chartered June 1923


Dear brother Knights!

It is a blessing that in this Marian Month (May) you have decided to pray the Rosary with the Parish community in the Church. I encourage you and thank you for your ministry of prayer

Saint John Paul II said, “Here at the feet of Mary, ever anew we ‘learn the Church’, entrusted by Christ to the Apostles and to all of us. The mystery of Mary is linked inseparably to the mystery of the Church.” As we get close to the Solemnity of the Ascension, the promise of Jesus to the Apostles in the gospel “I am with you always, until the end of the age” reminds us that these mysteries of Mary and the Church comfort us when we feel ourselves physically or spiritually distant from Our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Saintly Pope taught us that the two mothers (The Church and Mary) are both essential to Christian Life. The Church’s motherhood is more objective (preaching of God’s word and Sacraments) and Mary’s motherhood is more interior and is expressed in all the areas where grace is distributed, particularly within the framework of personal relations. These two motherhoods are inseparable. They enable us to recognize the same divine love.

As we continue to grow in our love and devotion to Mary, it enables us to further deepen our love for our Church. Your prayer-life is indeed an important ministry as you invite the parish to be part of it. On this special day of Memory of the fallen men who died for us we stand with Mary and the Church in showering us with the blessing of freedom and liberty.

Mother Mary intercede for us!

Fr. Antony

YEAR OF THE CONSECRATION TO OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE:Friday, June 14, 6:00PM to 7:00PM at the Church of the Assumption.  There will be a Holy Hour and a Homily on the message of the month. This month's message is "The Presentation". The Holy Hour celebrations will be held on the Friday closest to the 12th of the month for the remainder of 2019.  Let's get together and pray as a community. Food for the Soul.

SUPPORTING OUR GUARDSMAN: The National Guard group based out of the armory on Willow Grove street have been deployed to Somalia for an extended period of time.  Nothing can take the place of being home but we are trying to send a little home to them.  Gil Murphy has been collecting money and non-perishable items to send to the troops.  We have sent out two care boxes and will continue to do so through their deployment.  Upon their return, we will be hosting a breakfast.  If you can help in anyway with funding or materials please make the check payable to Gil Murphy and send it to Knights of Columbus Attn: Gil Murphy, 142 Liberty Street, Hackettstown, NJ 07840.  Reports on distribution will be in this bulletin. Thank you for your support..

2019 Spring 50/50 Raffle - Need membership support in selling and purchasing raffle tickets for our council's big fund raiser. Tickets are available at our meetings, our events, in the large envelope behind the bar at the hall or contact Joe Moore at 908 894-3131 call or text.  Drawing Thursday, June 6th, Social meeting at 9:30PM at the hall. $5 per ticket, need not be present  to win.  Proceeds Benefit Joyce Kilmer Council 2483. Thanks for your support

HONORS & ANNIVERSARIES :Please join me in congratulating the following brothers on attaining significant service milestones in

June:  35 Years - John Sartori and 45 Years - Robert Toro, Jr.  Also in June Edmund Satkowski became an Honorary member of the Order.


6/1  Vincent Coughlin

6/11 Michael Cassiello

6/19 William Skeahan

6/1  John Kietrys

6/11 David Leach

6/20 Robert Biamonte

6/3  Stanley Wantrobski

6/13 Martin O’Connell

6/23 Ronald B Raphael

6/4  Mark Grimes

6/14 Edmund Satkowski

6/24 Ronald C Raphael

6/4  William Baker

6/14 Kevin Feeney

6/24 John Black

6/4   Charles K Shipley

6/14 Nicholas Yarussi

6/24 Matthew Yapaola

6/8  Martin Monahan

6/15 Michael Kietrys

6/26 Ronald Walsh Sr.

6/6  Gennaro Custode

6/15 James Ferrara

6/26 Michael Kennedy

6/6  Michael Direnzo

6/16 Howard Petersen

6/30 Edward DuBoyce

6/9  Joseph Mclaughlin

6/17 Bernard Poudrette

6/30 Robert Miller

6/11 John Takacs

6/18 Thomas Hartnett

6/30 Jeffrey Frye

FATHER'S DAY SOFTBALL TOURNEY: One again, our council will sponsor the annual 1 pitch tournament on June 15th in Hackettstown. Got a team, sign up and compete!  Got some time, come on down and help out. Contact Bob Piereth at

THIS MONTH'S MEETING SCHEDULE:  Our meetings this month will be held on  Jun 6 (THU).  This is a social meeting and the drawing for our 50/50.  There will be some craft beer.  Feel free to bring guests.  The second meeting is on  and June 20 (8PM) and will be the final meeting of he Columbian Year.  This means we get a treat from the GK.  Join us at 7:30PM for the rosary.


Grand Knight                                      Bob Marks

Deputy Grand Knight                          Joe Yapaola

Chancellor                                          Steve Fantano

Warden                                              Rocco DeLellis

Advocate                                            Roger Hines

Recorder                                            Joe McLaughlin                

Treasurer                                           Joe Easty

Inside Guard                                      Leonard Hunt

Outside Guard                                    Frank Kenny

Trustee 3 years                                  Keith Hollman

Trustee 2 years                                  Andrew Seger

Trustee 1 year                                    John Sartori


Columbus Club Trustees

Jim Cash

Paul Greszczak

Roger Hines Jr.

Ed Shellman

COLUMBUS CLUB OIL TO GAS CONVERSION :  Work will beginning shortly.  The Trustees have selected Gallaghers to do the job.  Permits are in the process and when that is done, it will take a day or so to complete the job.  This will be a huge cost savings for the Columbus Club.

HAVE YOU ASKED SOMEONE JOIN US TODAY? :  NEW “Ask me about the Knights,” buttons have been made to help promote our Council. If you have not gotten one, please stop by the Hall to get yours. Better yet, come to our next monthly meeting! We all need to help in building our Council and hopefully wearing these buttons to Mass or other activities will prompt someone to ask how to join. Appreciate all your help!.  Steve Fantano - Membership Director at
FATHER MCGIVNEY GUILD: dedicated to keeping us informed of the progress of our Venerable founder.  Brothers should consider joining the guild.  There is no fee or dues of any kind.  Simply sign up at  and you will receive the quarterly newsletter.
HALL FOR RENT:  Having a shower, birthday or a business meeting.  The Columbus Club is available.  Contact Roger Hines 908-310-3354 for availability and rates.

Jun 22 , 2019
Doors open at 7PM
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