Charity, Unity, Fraternity & Patriotism

The Kilmer Chronicles

                       May 2020 

    Joyce Kilmer Council 2483   

              Knights of Columbus                 

Hackettstown, NJ  

                 Chartered June 1923


Dear Brother Knights!

It has been a while I wrote to you as we continually find comfort in each other and in our faith community to learn to live with the realities of Covid19. It has been a monumental challenge for the universal church let alone our diocese of Metuchen. It has been an unforgettable event in my life-time that I was told not to publicly celebrate mass for the first time.


We love our founder Father McGiveney. The very foundation of conceiving such a noble ministry sprang from our Founder’s witness of cry for help: cry of the abandoned wives and children while husbands die young; cry for a sharing of faith with a community; cry to build community in service of the church and family. ‘Family’ has been in McGiveney’s mind and heart as this ministry is predominantly a ministry to families.


I appreciate all that you do for our families in this little parish of ours: your prayer ministry and social outreach. Your recent involvement with the Parish Food Pantry (St. Mary’s Cupboard) is well appreciated. Whoever ministers to families are our partners. It is through our ministry our faith gets shared. In the same way our faith is the foundation for our ministry.


Last week (May 14th) Pope Francis urged the universal church to come together for a day of prayer and charity. Let us continue to live the spirt of prayer and charity through the Covid19 crisis and beyond. Our charity outreach may continue to be numerous and creative. May the blessings of our Ascended Lord be upon all of us, the ascending Christians, the ascending Knight of Columbus. God Bless you!


Fr. Antony

NEED ASSISTANCE?: If you are at home and there is little or no money coming in, we may be able to offer some confidential assistance.  Contact Ed Shellman or Bob Piereth


MAY ROSARY GROUP: The Knights and the Rosary Altar society have suspended their gathering for the rosary until further notice.  That being said, we can still take the 15 minutes and recite them at home.  It could help get us through this crisis.


Please join me in congratulating the following brothers on attaining significant service milestones in May:  35 Years -Frank Bandereck, jr, 60 Years - Guiseppe Masciarelli and 65 Years - Lawrence Direnzo.


5/1  William Cogan

5/13 Jeffrey Brameyer

5/21 Mark Taglienti

5/2  Thomas Shields

5/14 William Peare

5/21 David Tynan

5/2  Roger Hines

5/16 Alfred Russello

5/22 Joseph Murphy

5/4  Brian Willis

5/17 Michael Dutkowski

5/23 Richard Maguire

5/6  Louis Crisafulli

5/17 Tim Dubord

5/24 Matthew DiLillo

5/8  John Kelley

5/20 Lewis Petty

5/25 Lawrence Direnzo

5/9  Francis Bluker

5/20 Eugene Russo

5/30 Robert Prignano

5/9  Robert Marks

5/20 Patrick Sullivan

5/30 Trevor Sparkes

5/10 Brian Voorhees

5/20 Michael O’Connell

5/31 Kevin Ficarra

5/11 Joseph Carino

5/21 Bernard Sharkey

2020 Spring 50/50 Raffle: In spite of the restrictions placed upon us due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the council has planned to move forward as best we can with the raffle June 4 2020. Raffle tickets and details are being mailed to the membership. Check your mail. If you need additional tickets contact Joe Moore at 908 894-3131. Thank You, Good Luck and Stay Healthy!

BY-LAWS UPDATE: The first draft was completed and approved by the committee.  Council Policies were drafted and have been approved as well. Soon the GK will be forwarding them to the entire membership via email for review, comments and approval.  The council will vote on them after two meetings.

HAVE YOU ASKED SOMEONE JOIN US TODAY? :  NEW “Ask me about the Knights,” buttons have been made to help promote our Council. If you have not gotten one, please stop by the Hall to get yours. Better yet, come to our next monthly meeting! We all need to help in building our Council and hopefully wearing these buttons to Mass or other activities will prompt someone to ask how to join. Appreciate all your help!.  Steve Fantano - Membership Director at
FATHER MCGIVNEY GUILD: dedicated to keeping us informed of the progress of our Venerable founderBrothers should consider joining the guild.  There is no fee or dues of any kindSimply sign up at  and you will receive the quarterly newsletter.
HALL FOR RENTHaving a shower, birthday or a business meeting.  Do you know of anyone who is and needs a place?  The Columbus Club is available.  Contact Roger Hines 908-310-3354 for availability and rates.