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The Kilmer Chronicles

                     September  201

    Joyce Kilmer Council 2483   

              Knights of Columbus                 

Hackettstown, NJ  

                 Chartered June 1923

GRAND KNIGHT'S REPORT: As Summer winds down, and the kids start back to school, it is time for us as Knights to ramp up on our activities for the 2017-18 Columbian Year. That is not to say that we’ve been dormant since the start of the year; we, as in past years, supported the Assumption of the BVM Church Summer picnic. Not only did we eat the food, we helped cook it! We also helped in setting up the picnic grounds for the event. Many thanks to the brothers that volunteered their time for that effort: Joe Clark, Jay Sparks, Keith Hollman, Deacon Dave Wasquespack, and me. The Assumption parish also benefited from our services in helping clear out some old furniture and computer equipment and cabinets from the St Mary School in preparation for new renters. Many thanks to Ed Shellman, Len Hunt, and Bob Marks, who led the effort and said there would be no (hmmm) heavy lifting. Many thanks to Mike McGarry for coordinating the trip to the Lyons VA Hospital to take the Vets to Mass. One low point for the Summer was that the council picnic was canceled due to lack of participation. The postmortem revealed that it was a bad time to hold the event; vacations and other commitments made it impossible for many to attend. Next year perhaps we’ll start the Summer with a picnic rather than end it.
Officer Induction will be held on September 7, 7:30 PM at Assumption Churchall are welcome and encouraged to attend. Bring your family and friends. The mass and ceremony will be followed by a SOCIAL Meeting at the Knights of Columbus Hall. Several brothers and their wives agreed to provide a covered dish for the event. If you would like to bring something (covered dish or dessert) let me know (

KNIGHTLINE MAGAZINE - the latest copy of this magazines is available by clicking here.

HONORS & ANNIVERSARIES: Please join me in congratulating the following brother on attaining a significant service milestones in September: 60 Years - Frank Nagy



9/1  James Brevelock

9/13 Randy Randazzo

9/22 Robert Uccardi

9/2  James Mcloone

9/14 Henry Rebinski

9/22 Gary Quigley

9/5  Edward Wehmeyer

9/14 Edward Shellman Jr.

9/22 Father David Pekola

9/6  Wilber Hulse

9/15 John Gallinot

9/23 Richard Barry

9/6  Kevin Byrne

9/15 Archibald Davison

9/23 Kevin Hines

9/6  Ronald Walsh Jr.

9/16 Lawrence Cece

9/23 Michael Shellman

9/7  Henry Williams

9/17 Anthony Grabinski

9/26 John SylIvester

9/7  James McCann

9/18 Henry Bloodgood

9/26 Leo Romanczyk

9/8  John Dermody

9/19 David Tangeman

9/27 Jerry Whitney

9/9  Robert Salus

9/21 Martin Doncheski

9/30 Scott Alitz

9/11 Frederick Miller

9/21 Edward Caufield

9/13 David Bryk

9/22 John Manailovich

CELEBRATING AN ANNIVERSARY ?Will you be celebrating your 25th or 50th wedding anniversary in the near future? We have certificates that commemorate this significant milestone in your life. Contact Bob Piereth at

COMMITTEES -  Over the next few months we will preview the plans for many of our standing committees.  Today we preview the Culture of Life and Council committee.  Any questions and suggestions can be directed to the specific program director or the Grand Knight.

Culture of Life - The Knights of Columbus remains firmly committed to defending the right to life of every human being, from the moment of conception to natural death. Countless councils and individual Knights conduct projects aimed to build a culture of life in their individual communities. As a council, here is our plan to live up to that commitment.
• Special Olympics - members volunteer at the event
• Thank you Mom, roses to mothers at baptism
• Sell Christ in Christmas signs and magnets
• Save a Life, cost of ultrasound machine is $82-$438 per client depending on location. Organizations require funds to offset operating costs, donate $100 to a center
• March for Life - Provide donations to support Bus transportation to the DC march.
• Shake the Can for persons with Intelectual Disabilitiies to provide donations to Special Olympics and other organizations.
 • Request to collect baby wipes and diapers before mass and donate them to a pregnancy care center or shelter for unwed mothers. Coordinate a weekend with our Pastor.
Bob Piereth, Director -

Council Committee -As a fraternal organization, the Knights of Columbus offers not only the opportunity for its member to serve others, but also to join together in other activities ranging from athletic activities, to cultural programs, to social events. Along with these fraternal activities are the programs councils regularly run to assist those of their members and their families who are in need. Additionally, councils should work to keep their members informed on current council initiatives and to let the parish and community know about the good works of the Order.
  • Maintain council website to keep members/general public on the activities of the Joyce Kilmer Council (*)
  • Maintain an email blast list to inform members of urgent requests/needs of council and/or it members. (e.g. prayers request, death of member or family members, miscellaneous call-outs, etc…) (*)
  • Maintain facebook page. Get the council on twitter, snapchat and other relative social media. (Oct-Nov time frame)
  • Continue to support the Relief Fund for members in need. (*)
  • Maintain our presence in the St Patricks & Memorial Day Parade (Mar – Jun time frame).
  • Look into to re-establishing bowling teams, softball teams.  Possible golf team and fishing club.
Ed Shellman, Director -

SPORTING A NEW LOOK - Over the past couple of weeks a number of our Brothers have been doing some work in the rear hall to give it a facelift. Thanks to the efforts of Roger Hines, Roddy Hines, Joe Moore, Bob Marks, Dave Penczak, Gil Murphy, Keith Hollman, Bob Salus, Joe Yapaola and Ed Shellman it is done and looks great! Stop by and give it a look.

SPONSORING A SEMINARIAN - Timothy Eck, the Seminarian we Sponsor through the RSVP program, is training in Rome. I hear that he has some really really good instructors. Please keep Timothy in your prayers. He can be reached via email at if you want to drop him a line.
Vivat Jesus, GK Andy.

COLUMBUS CLUB GOLF OUTING 10/14/17 - the annual golf outing is coming up fast.  Click right here Golf Outing for a flier with all the details.

Are you interested in being on a KofC Team?
We are looking in to the possibility of sponsoring these Actiivities/Outings but we want to do it right.
Got some ideas?
Contact Ed Shellman at


Altar Server Brunch: Tentatively September 24
following the Noon Mass

Altar Server Brunch at St Theodore's
To Be Determined