Charity, Unity, Fraternity & Patriotism

The Kilmer Chronicles

                     January 2018 

    Joyce Kilmer Council 2483   

              Knights of Columbus                 

Hackettstown, NJ  

                 Chartered June 1923

GRAND KNIGHT'S REPORT: Happy New Year to all of you! I wish you a safe, healthy, and prosperous year ahead. Looking back to the 1st half of the Columbian year, I want to thank all of you for your efforts and contributions to our council and to the parishes we support. The list of things we do year in and year out and the external activities we support are tremendous and too numerous to mention them all -- Shake the Can, Special Olympics, Alter Server Breakfast, youth programs, participation in mass services, turn-outs for funeral services, to name a few. I want to especially thank those of you that took on lead roles this past year in organizing and running a program – it takes a lot of your time and energy to orchestrate these events.

Looking forward to 2018, we are being asked by Father Antony to change our involvement with the Church of the Assumption Parish. The work that we do should could continue, and in addition, father would like to see us become more integrated with the ministries of the parish where, depending on the circumstances, we take on a leadership role with Knights and parishioners alike or we participate in the ministries as non-lead group members, executing and taking direction from whomever is in charge (knight or Parishioner). Leader/follower opportunities are all around. For example, how can we actively support Lisa Valentino and the Youth Ministry? The Dollars for Dollars ministry will certainly need our help. This is one program that can have a very large impact on the financial health of the parish. Another initiative that Father has in mind is to start a food pantry that stocks and distributes food on continuous basis throughout the year – This is exactly the type of thing that the Knights of Columbus should embrace and support because it aligns so well with our mission to help the poor in our community. Other ministries would benefit from our involvement as well. Consider how you can contribute to the ministries of the parish.

To execute on our plans and to support the parishes initiatives, we are going to need new members. As mentioned at our last meeting Supreme has instituted a Recruitment Incentive Program. Here are the details.

• Recruitment Incentive – December 1 through February 28
o Over 6,600 councils in the Order have not recruited a new member this fraternal year and nearly half of the fraternal year has already transpired.
o The Award: The grand knight of every council who recruits one or more new members between now and February 28, 2018 will receive a portrait of the Holy Family.
o If the council did not recruit any new members during the 2016-2017 fraternal year, and/or the council has not recruited any new members as of December 1, 2017, the grand knight, deputy grand knight, financial secretary, chancellor, treasurer and warden will each receive the Holy Family portrait.
World Meeting of Families, Dublin, Ireland: August 21-26, 2018
 In response to the Holy Father's exhortation to strengthen the Domestic Church and the Order’s strong commitment to families, the Supreme Knight announced at the Mid-Year Meeting of State Deputies this lottery incentive for 10 couples to attend the World Meeting of Families in Dublin, Ireland with all expenses paid.
 Here’s how it works: beginning December 1st, 2017, every time that you recruit a member into the Order through June 30th, 2018, your name will go into a drawing and on July 1st, 2018, ten names will be drawn at random. If you are a winner, we will notify you and your wife immediately so you can plan this once in a lifetime opportunity to interact with families from all over the world. When you return, you can become a beacon of light for other families in your council, community, and state.
 The more men that you recruit, the greater the probability you will have to win this trip. So please communicate this incentive to all of your council members so that they can have the chance to win this experience of a lifetime. For more information on the World meeting of Families 2018, please
If you attended the meeting on December 7th expecting to find out who won Knight of the Year, sorry to disappoint you. The selection committee postponed the announcement until our next regular business meeting scheduled for January 4, 2018 at 8:30 (recitation of the Rosary at 8:00). Plan to attend on the 4th to find out who the honored recipient will be.

The Christmas Social was held Saturday, December 9th. It was well attended; even Santa took time to attend knowing just how much fun it was going to be! Many thanks to Jay Sparks for organizing it. The SOLDOUT New Years Eve bash is sure to be epic!

HONORS & ANNIVERSARIES: Please join me in congratulating the following brothers on attaining significant service milestones in January: 5 Years - Robert Bozich and Brett Stadtler, 10 Years - Rev Krystian Burdzy. 15 Years - David White, 35 Years - Leo Romanczyk, Jr, Edward Shellman, and William Skeahan, 40 Years - Joseph Barcik, Carl Lutz, Louis (Gil) Murphy and William Peare, Jr and 45 Years - Thomas Hartnet and Angelo Restaino

Also in January Edward Caughey, Richard Smiecinski and Edward Welsh became Life members of the Order.


1/3  Theodore Warcholik

1/19 George Mahrholz

1/26 Richard Smiecinski

1/3  Joseph Jeiser

1/19 Nicholas Bencivengo

1/26 Jay Sparkes

1/3  Eric Tynan

1/19 Robert Ryan

1/27 Anthony Segarra

1/4  Christopher Souders

1/19 David Penczak

1/28 Paul Aldighieri

1/5  Joseph Moore

1/22 Edward Welsh

1/28 Thomas Cece

1/7  Douglas Souls

1/23 Edward Caughey

1/29 Jeffrey Milton

1/8  Frederick Miller

1/23 Mark Wehrenberg

1/30 Walter Pidgeon

1/9  Michael Semler

1/24 Thomas Smith

1/31 Andrew Ryan

1/  Steven Yosh

1/24 Anthony Coccaro

1/31 Matthew Binnie

1/11 Shawn Burke 

1/25 James Bencivengo

1/12 Richard Dubord

1/25 Frank Bandarek

300 CLUBThe 300 club has been a great source of philanthropy for our Council since the mid 90's.  We are looking forward to another great year but that is up to each and every one of us.  For the current members, it's time to get your dues in.  For those of you who are not in it and are interested contact John Takacs at 908 852-3322 and he will let you know how to become a member.  Good Luck!!