Charity, Unity, Fraternity & Patriotism

The Kilmer Chronicles

                     September  2019 

    Joyce Kilmer Council 2483   

              Knights of Columbus                 

Hackettstown, NJ  

                 Chartered June 1923

FROM THE CHAPLAIN'S DESK : Dear brother Knights! Happy Labor Day to all of you!

As I was flipping through the pages of history of our Order, I was touched by the pastoral sense of our Founder Fr. McGivney. It is always inspiring to travel to the source and objective of any good that we do for people. Fr. McGivney puts ‘unity of men of our Faith’ as the objective behind founding the Knights of Columbus.

Further Fr. McGivney inspired the men who share the common faith “to aid each other in time of sickness, to provide for decent burial and to render assistance to the families of deceased members.” (From a letter of Fr McGivney, April, 1882). This calls to mind some of the ministries that we do at our parish. I am always grateful for praying the Rosary regularly with the Rosary Altar Society.

Some of you are already involved in Hospital Ministry. Thank you for your willingness to serve. Father McGivney wanted his men to take care of the sick, especially bring to my attention of any sick among the Knights so that we as a group can visit and pray for the sick. Father McGivney also desired his men to pray at funerals. There are funerals and there are funerals! It is one of the glorious times the deceased gets a chance to glorify God. Your presence at a funeral mass or wake service would be well appreciated by our Saintly Father McGivney.

Cardinal Gibbons acclaimed our Order as ‘Our Joy and Crown’. We are blessed! God bless the work of your hands! Fr. Antony

GRAND KNIGHT'S CORNER: Brothers..As the Summer winds down and Fall approaches, I am reminded that we have been in the  new Columbian year for almost 2 months. It also means that we will be ramping up our activities. We are in need of a couple of youth leaders  to take up the Soccer and Free Throw contests. The beauty about leading these activities is that they are 1 day and you’re done. If you are interested in taking up this challenge please reach out to me (201-715-8021). And, of course, thanks in advance!

In September we have the Community Festival at Church of the Assumption on 9/22. We are committed to cooking again this year. We can use all the help. Please volunteer. Again you can let me know or Deacon Dave.

I have a soft spot in my heart for military personnel because I am the son of two vets. My Dad served in both Korea and Viet Nam. And Mom is a Korean War vet. As you all know, Gil Murphy has taken up the mantle of running a Pancake Breakfast at Applebee’s  this Saturday, Sept. 7 from 8 – 10 AM. The cost is $10 and again we can use help serving as well as eating. If you children or grandchildren going through confirmation and they need service hours, their help is needed. Our local National Guard can use all the help our community can give, so pleas support the effort, I have my ticket. Do you have yours?

Lastly, please make every effort to attend a meeting this

month – 9/5 or 9/19. We meet at 8:30.

Vivat Jesus!

Bob Marks

YEAR OF THE CONSECRATION TO OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE:Friday, Sep 13th, 6:00PM to 7:00PM at the Church of the Assumption.  There will be a Holy Hour and a Homily on the message of the month. This month's message is "Mary at the Foot of the Cross". The Holy Hour celebrations will be held on the Friday closest to the 12th of the month for the remainder of 2019.  Let's get together and pray as a community. Food for the Soul.

SEPTEMBER ROSARY GROUP: The Knights and the Rosary Altar society will meet on the September 5th and September 19th. Since the choir will probably be practicing, we will meet in the Annex at  7:30PM. Family & friends cordially invited.

COLUMBUS CLUB GOLF OUTING: The annual Golf Outing and Clam Bake will be held on 10/12/2019 at the Shawnee Golf and Country Club in Shawnee on Delaware, PA.  Following the outing there will be Dinner with Roast Beef, Clams and all the fixings.  For Golf Only $80; Golf & Dinner $125; Golf, Dinner & Dinner Guest $145;Dinner Only $45.00.  Contact Roger Hines at (908)310-3354 for questions and sign-up.

HONORS & ANNIVERSARIES: Please join me in congratulating the following brothers on attaining significant service milestones in September:  5 Years - Henry Williams, 10 Years - Harry Browne, James Cash and Mark Taglienti, 40 Years - David Penczak and 45 Years - Robert Giordano.  Also in September James Mcloone became an Honorary Life member of the Order.


9/1  James Bevelock

9/13 Randy Randazzo

9/22 John Manailovich

9/2  James Mcloone

9/14 Henry Rebinski

9/22 Robert Uccardi

9/2  Brian Havican

9/14 Edward Shellman Jr

9/22 Gary Quigley

9/5  Edward Wehmeyer

9/15 John Gallinot

9/22 Fr David Pekola

9/6  Wilbur Hulse

9/15 Archibald Davison Jr

9/23 Richard Barry

9/6  Kevin Byrne

9/16 Lawrence Cece

9/23 Kevin Hines

9/6  Ronald Walsh Jr

9/17 Anthony Grabinski

9/23 Michael Shellman

9/7  Henry Williams

9/18 Harry Bloodgood

9/26 John Sylvester

9/7  James Mccann

9/19 David Tangeman

9/26 Leo Romanczyk

9/9  Robert Salus

9/21 Martin Doncheski

9/27 Jerry Whitney

9/11 Frederick Miller

9/21 Edward Caufield

9/30 Scott Alitz

9/13 David Bryk

9/21 Joseph Matuszek

SUPPORTING OUR GUARDSMAN: The National Guard group based out of the armory on Willow Grove street have been deployed to the Horn of Africa  for an extended period of time.  Nothing can take the place of being home but we are trying to send a little home to them.  Gil Murphy has been collecting money and non-perishable items to send to the troops.  We have sent out two care boxes and will continue to do so through their deployment.  Upon their return, we will be hosting a breakfast.  If you can help in anyway with funding or materials please make the check payable to Gil Murphy and send it to Knights of Columbus Attn: Gil Murphy, 142 Liberty Street, Hackettstown, NJ 07840.  Reports on distribution will be in this bulletin. Thank you for your support..

HAVE YOU ASKED SOMEONE JOIN US TODAY? :  NEW “Ask me about the Knights,” buttons have been made to help promote our Council. If you have not gotten one, please stop by the Hall to get yours. Better yet, come to our next monthly meeting! We all need to help in building our Council and hopefully wearing these buttons to Mass or other activities will prompt someone to ask how to join. Appreciate all your help!.  Steve Fantano - Membership Director at
FATHER MCGIVNEY GUILD: dedicated to keeping us informed of the progress of our Venerable founder.  Brothers should consider joining the guild.  There is no fee or dues of any kind.  Simply sign up at  and you will receive the quarterly newsletter.
HALL FOR RENT:  Having a shower, birthday or a business meeting.  The Columbus Club is available.  Contact Roger Hines 908-310-3354 for availability and rates.