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The Kilmer Chronicles

                     August 2018 

    Joyce Kilmer Council 2483   

              Knights of Columbus                 

Hackettstown, NJ  

                 Chartered June 1923


Thank you Brothers for giving me, your support as Grand Knight (GK). I am hoping to fill the shoes of Andy Seger (PGK). If I do nearly as well as Andy did, the council will be in good shape. July went by fast. We are planning a Fall Softball Tournament for Saturday 9/29, for the Seminarian fund and a Roses for Life campaign, for Right to Life fund in late October at both parishes. Note, the 300 club has 12 numbers available, please reach out to Lou Williams or John Takas, if you’re interested in scooping up one of the 12 numbers.
The Joyce Kilmer council officer installation is scheduled for Thursday 8/23. It will start off with mass at 7:30, spouses and family members are encouraged to join us. Father Antony our new Council Chaplin will preside. It will be followed by the officer installation led by Worthy District Deputy Ed Suhy. Paul Greszczak worked hard at coordinating the 4th degree Color Corp to provide escort. Joe Yapaola has reserved the hall and Bob Salus plans to provide the preparation for a reception back at the hall. Therefore, in lieu of installation, the 8/16 business meeting will be cancelled, in hopes that council members will attend the mass, installation and reception (social). Please pass the word to fellow members regarding these dates and encourage them to join in the festivities.

Join me in extending heart felt congratulations to Brother Kyle Shipley and his new bride Jessica.

Enjoy your summer! Grand Knight,Keith Hollman

FAITH IN ACTION: For as along as any of us can remember, the Knights of Columbus programs were guided on the motto of Surge with Service.  The new guide for us will be Faith in Action.  This began with a committment to evaulte our service to parishes and families so that our work might becme even more relevant and effect.  The new guide, Faith in Action, reflects this shift with a strong call to action and a focus on quality faith-filled family programs. Major program groups are Faith, Family, Community and Life.  Over the next few months we will provide more information on each of these categories and the programs that will support them.

CHURCH OF THE ASSUMPTION PARISH PICNIC: Save the date.  September 23, 2018 following the noon mass.  More information will be available under separate cover.

Please join me in congratulating the following brothers on attaining significant service milestones in August: 15 Years - Robert Gigliello,
25 Years - Sean Hare, Edward Shellman Jr, Ronald Walsh, and Ronald Walsh, Jr., and 45 Years - Jose Dumenigo. Also in May Ronald Walsh became a Life member and Francis O’Brien an Honorary Life member member of the Order

8/2 John Montgomery      8/12 Ryan Dubord           8/21 John Duerr
8/2 Stephen Matuszek     8/14 Ray Pollack             8/23 Robert Gigliello
8/3 Andrew Seger            8/15 James Forestiere    8/23 Mark Grimes
8/4 Anthony Callaremi      8/16 Anthony Coccaro     8/25 Francis O'Brien
8/6 Robert McDevitt          8/17 Vincent Putignano   8/26 Harvey Masseau
8/8 Eric Vaccaro                8/19 William O'Rourke     8/31 Kevin Denecour
8/9 Nicholas Scalera         8/20 Karl Gergits             8/31 Paul Koffman
8/12 Louis Murphy            8/20 Chris Shellman

FATHER MCGIVNEY GUILD: dedicated to keeping us informed of the progress of our Venerable founder.  Brothers should consider joining the guild.  There is no fee or dues of any kind.  Simply sign up at  and you will receive the quarterly newsletter.

JOYCE KILMER FACTS: Our council today has approximately 310 members across 13 states. Our largest number is here in NJ with 268 members with an average age of 59.92. The average age of all the council members is 60. Our oldest member is 98 and our youngest is 20.

Other than NJ what do you think is the next largest population of Joyce Kilmer members. Your choices are DE, FL, GA, IL, MA, MD,NC, NV, PA SC, TN AND VA. Send us a note. (Note FS excluded).

HALL FOR RENT:  Having a shower, birthday or a business meeting.  The Columbus Club is available.  Contact Joe Yapaola at 908-246-1962.


AUGUST 18 , 8PM to 11PM
$5.00 Cover

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